The History of Kate and Dave

Dave and I met in school on the first day of class August 2008. We took the same two classes (3D Design and Painting 1) back to back Monday and Wednesday. At the end of Painting 1, he was talking to someone I knew, and I went up and introduced myself to him. I definitely didn’t think I’d be marrying this guy. He was wearing gym shorts, some kind of metal/grunge t-shirt, and had long hair! He was super shy and super quiet. He loved video games, heavy metal music, and anime!

In that time we started to become friends. We started sitting at the same table in 3D and we’d sit next to each other while painting still lifes. Everyday after 3D Design, we’d walk to the Union to get lunch before Painting. He would order a grilled chicken sandwich with mustard and sweet tea and I’d bring my turkey sandwich and get a large coffee. When he turned in the first 3D Design project, I was blown away. He made this beautiful design out of ping pong balls. People had said he was really talented. I knew I wanted to take more classes with him. I knew he was going to be a really great designer. The next semester we took all of the same classes, and we became best friends through this.

He proposed on March 11th 2013. You can read that story on my blog.

We are moving to Nashville after our wedding with our two cats Weezie and Eric. I can’t put into words how much I love Dave. I am thankful every single day for him.